What type of Pops do we make?

If you can stick it on a stick—it’s a pop! Your favorite sweet treats are more fun to eat when you can just grab them and enjoy. The fun factor really goes off the charts when you decorate them with colorful candy, sprinkles and custom decoration!

Types of Cake Pops

  • Classic cake pop – the cake and icing together, shaped it into a ball and popped it on a stick.
  • Molded cake pop – basic Cake Pops can take on many shapes – stars, flowers,  fun characters and more.
  • Brownie pops – chocolatey treats in variety of the perfect stick-able shapes.
  • Cookie pops -andied or baked cookies right on the stick with our conveinient cookie pop pans. Or, use Wilton shaped cookie pans with sticks and our Vanilla Sugar Cookies recipe.
  • Cutout cake pops – cool theme shapes such as flowers, people or creatures – giving your treats a personality!


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